Kora makers and teachers. Enthusiasts and producers of this amazing African instrument.

Kora Information

Within this site you will find a huge amount of information about the kora, it’s history and place in the modern world, it’s construction, about our own koras and much more. We hope you find it useful!

Kora Holidays

With our holidays, both in France and Senegal, we offer you a relaxed and beautiful environment in which to take the time needed to really sit and play the kora for as long as you want, with a patient teacher nearby.


We offer tuition and support for budding kora players all over the world, using a range of methods including: recorded tuition material, skype video conferencing and annual group or event workshops.

Adam is an inspiring and encouraging teacher, and he breaks things down to make learning easier. Also Kath is incredibly helpful with the technical side of things, and the ability to record the lessons means I have a learning resource I can access anytime…I can’t believe how much I have learned already and I am so grateful to have such a convenient and affordable means of learning with such a wonderful teacher!

Tamara, Australia (Skype student)

[The Kora Workshop] is the place to be if you are also mesmerised by the Kora and want to learn how to play. Great environment that lets you focus on your practice in as many hours as you want. Nice and caring people. Great kora tuition for any level. The delicious food is prepared for you. You can really call it a full-on Kora retreat among other Kora enthusiasts.

Mathias, Denmark