Kora Information

Within this site you will find a huge amount of information about the kora, its history and place in the modern world, its construction, about our own koras and much more.  We hope you find it useful.

The information given is true to the best of our knowledge, and with any oral tradition there are many explanations and stories, so if you are told something different, it is probably just as ‘correct’ as our version. There are also many ethnomusicologists who have dedicated years of study to the kora, so check out the Music, Books and Films  and Friends and Affiliates pages for links to other valuable sources of information. If you have any information you think we could add,  please let us know.

If you are learning or thinking about learning we have created groups on Facebook Learning Kora – Worldwide and Learning Kora – UK.   We’re delighted that they have grown to be such a useful resource for anyone interested in the kora – it is independent of us (though Kath is one of the the moderators) and people can share links to videos and music, advertise gigs, workshops and koras.  Some people have found fellow kora students just around the corner from their homes, literally.

You are always free to contact us with any questions, though you may find it already answered in our extensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Out of respect for Conor our web developer, we’d like to leave this footnote, which is how he first populated this page and somehow managed to sum it all up!

We love them.     You can buy them from us.    We also teach you how to play them.